Ready to reignite your desire and feel sexy again?

This is the most comprehensive and affective program out there for reigniting your desire, removing all your blocks to pleasure, and feeling confident & sexy in your skin again!

Did your desire go MIA after having kids? Have you had a difficult time with body image after birth?

Those are the exact reasons that I created my signature Ignite Your Desire Jade Egg Coaching Program!

with all the guidance, personalized, and discreet support you need to overcome your deepest blocks and insecurities to sexual desire and body confidence – so by the end of our time working together, you'll feel like yourself again - happy, confident, sexy, and whole!

Maybe you've felt like a part of your life has been missing since having kids...

You've been working hard growing your business, caring for your family and doing all the things.

But you've been so busy and exhausted that sex & pleasure is the last thing on your to-do list.


So if it happens, it's usually just to get him/her off your back or out of obligation.

If it weren't for your partner, sex and pleasure might not ever even cross your mind.

But what would be possible for you if:
* Sex no longer felt like an obligation and it became a sacred time to connect with your partner and/or yourself at the most soul fulfilling level?

* If you were able to get out of your head during sex and really enjoy yourself?
* If you felt confident and sexy in your own skin?
* If you learned how to cultivate your sexual energy and use it for creative endeavors - like building your business?
* If you felt safe expressing yourself authentically in the bedroom and really came into your own sexually?


I used to think the best sex of my life would be over after getting married and having kids.

But boy was I wrong!

I didn't know about the infinite world of possibilities when it came to sex and pleasure until I started learning the ancient Taoist jade egg practice and Tantra!

I had regular orgasms and sex was ok after having kids but, it wasn't mind-blowing and I didn't feel free or safe to express myself. In fact, I really didn't know who I was sexually: I didn't know what I liked, what I didn't like etc... because I grew up with so much guilt and shame around my sexuality that I was really shut down.

After working with postpartum women in a birth center and as a doula for 7 years, I noticed how many other mama's felt the same way.


It felt normal to talk to women who'd lost touch with the sensual woman inside and ended up in sexually unsatisfying relationships that lack turn on and connection.

And that just broke my heart.


So, I made it my mission to help women reignite their desire and feel sexy again so they can be a powerful example to their kids that it’s not taboo to be a mama and be sexual too.

The biggest reason you lack desire and don't feel confident and sexy in your skin is because of deep rooted conditioning, a lack of connection with your body and sexuality, and an unhealthy mindset around sex and pleasure.

None of us were taught to have a healthy and holistic relationship with our body and our sexuality. So, it's not your fault.

In my Ignite Your Desire Jade Egg Coaching Program, you can expect:

Emotional Benefits:

Loving your body more, feeling confident asking for what you want, feeling more connected to your feminine

Physical Benefits:

Toned pelvic floor muscles with increased sensitivity, stronger and longer lasting orgasms, greater pleasure (no more pain or numbness during sex).

Health Benefits:

More energy, decreased period pain, increased sexual desire.

My 6 month Ignite Your Desire Jade Egg Coaching Program was designed with over 800 hours of training in specialized sex, love, and relationship and jade egg coaching training through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

The Program consists of:

8 60-90 minute online coaching sessions

8 highly transformative sex/love/relationship coaching sessions where we'll determine a clear goal for working together, we'll dive into whatever is blocking you from having what you desire as well as empower the parts of you that already know how to get it! We go super deep. Worthiness/deservingness issues? No belief in your own success? Inner child issues that show up in your relationship and sex life? Fear or resistance to feeling certain emotions? Mindset issues? We work through all of that!  

4 Private jade egg coaching sessions

4 life changing and private 60-90 minute jade egg coaching sessions where you'll learn specific practices uniquely curated to get you the results you're looking for. I take you through the jade egg sessions live (you'll turn your video off when you're doing the sessions and I'll guide you through them with my voice) so that if fear, resistance or trauma comes up that needs to be seen or integrated, we can stop and dive right in. This way, you are fully supported while learning the powerful jade egg practice to awaken your desire and feel sexy again.

15 Jade egg guided audio recordings and accompanying .pdf guides

You get jade egg audio-guided recordings of all practices from our sessions together along with accompanying .pdf guides sent directly to your email inbox so you can practice what you've learned on your own time whenever you want.

But why a jade egg?

Because it's single-handedly the most effective, time-tested and holistic tangible thing to help a woman ignite her desire and feel sexy again.

The jade egg is an egg shaped stone that you use internally in your vagina and do different squeezes and releases and breathwork and body practices with.

The jade egg practice is not simply wearing it around.


More specifically, it's an ancient Taoist practice only taught to the high priestesses and courtesans of China so they could tap into their sexual energy and feel turned on and alive inside, create lasting vitality and radiance even through menopausal years, and to feel confident and sexy in their skin.

The jade egg practice made it's way to the USA about 40 years ago and has been adapted for the needs of modern women like you.

If you're new to the jade egg practice or have never heard of it before...I've got you covered.

My Ignite Your Desire Jade Egg Coaching Program comes with the following 6 Fast-Action Bonuses worth over $650 for free.

Simply apply for the program, book a call with me, and decide within 24 hours of the call if you're in and you'll receive:

A 100% genuine nephrite jade egg ($69 value)

Free shipping (including international orders) of your medium size, drilled 100% genuine nephrite jade egg.

2 Jade egg introduction videos ($29 value)

In these videos, you'll learn how to prepare your jade egg for first use, proper hygiene inbetween uses, how to string your jade egg, how you can cleanse it, benefits of the jade egg practice, weightlifting basics (important if you plan to use the egg for increasing pelvic floor tone), an introduction to the Taoist 3 part energy system, and an introduction into sexual energy and how mastering your sexual energy can help you create whatever you want in your life! 

Access to my Complete Self Study Jade Egg Course ($299 value)

You get access to all the foundational practices meant to support the entire body to come into a greater version of health and aliveness; Access to all the energy practices that are meant to train the body to transform sexual experiences into sacred and spiritual experiences and to help refine and support the energy body; Access to all 5 jade egg audio-guided practices designed for the modern women to heal and restore a woman to sexual wholeness.

Access to my online course Sex Goddess: 3 weeks to better, sacred sex ($249 value)

This is a crash course in Tantric sex for individuals who want to take their sex life to the next level and experience better, sacred sex with themselves or a partner. If you've ever be Tantra curious - here's your chance to learn what it's all about!

Video based/location independent sessions, feirce accountability & unlimited email support (priceless)

Doesn't matter where you live, if you have a strong wifi connection, we can connect! Many women have done online courses...and they don't finish them or even start them because of a lack of accountability! With me, you are very much expected to do your homeplay practices inbetween sessions and get weekly check-ins form me personally to ensure you're staying on track. Plus, you get top priority in my email inbox whenever you need me inbetween sessions. 

Payment plan option and discounted full pay with 24 hour Fast Action Bonus

With my Fast-Action Bonuses (decide within 24 hours after our initial call that you're in), you can pay upfront for a discounted rate or opt for an extended 6-pay monthly payment plan.


"I feel sexier, more powerful, more grounded in every way and free to be me! I think it’s not a coincidence that my love life and income have expanded!"


"I feel whole for the very first time, totally secure in my female sexiness as though it was a true part of me rather than something I have to dress up for or become conscious about."


"I really couldn’t see a way out of this relationship gray space I was in going through my divorce. Now, dating without guilt & shame feels possible & even pleasurable and exciting!"


"I reconnected with my feminine energy and feel like a big block has been cleared. Now, I feel like my energy is more balanced and flowing and I’m more capable of receiving!"


"I feel more in control of my experience and I am more clear on the power I have to live a life full of joy and ecstasy!"


"Lacey helped me to see that a totally new way of relating to my sexuality (and my story about my sexuality) is possible. I feel excited about the ripple effects!"


Ready to get started?

Ready to get started? Simply apply for my Ignite Your Desire Jade Egg Coaching Program Here:


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