Ready to live a turned on life on your terms and make the income & impact you were born to make?

How much longer will you continue to play small and hide instead of show up online and start living a turned on life on your terms making the impact & income you know you're capable of!

That's why I've created The Pleasure & Prosperity Mastermind for biz owners

The world is radically changing day by day. The old way to make $$$ and work has never been sustainable or supportive to women's cycles, to their wisdom, or to their families. It's time to change the way we do biz and support our families and THRIVE - by doing LESS and receiving, surrendering and manifesting MORE!


You're probably thinking, "yeah but I've done all the biz trainings, I've taken all the courses, I've done all the personal development work already and it's still not working out."

Sure, I know! That's cause learning all the biz strategy and doing all the mindset work in the world IS NOT going to help you remove the blocks keeping you from showing up consistently in your biz, being visible, charging your worth, being an enrollment god(dess) and making the $$$ you're worthy of honey!

What's blocking you is...your negative conditioning, trauma, lack of confidence, self worth & inner trust, not owning your sexuality, and not taking aligned action in your biz.


It takes strategy & structure AND deep inner work such as sensual embodiment practices, inner child healing, trauma resolution and empowerment work, as well as the accountability to show up consistently, and make the income & impact you're here to make! When you do this, you'll:

  1. Be the Queen of your life

  2. Feel amazing in your body and show up confidently in your biz

  3. Charge your worth

  4. Get paid your worth

  5. Have amazing and clear boundaries with clients

  6. Run your biz from your empowered Queen/King self and not your scared, traumatized and terrified inner child

  7. Get vulnerable and visible without freaking out every time you go live, press send or post

  8. Tap into flow states and be more resilient when biz challenges arise

  9. Create offers that feel divinely aligned and light you up to deliver

  10. Attract clients eager and excited to work with you

Are you a therapist, healer, coach or other mission-driven service-based business... but:
  • You're not putting yourself out there online like you know you should

  • You're resisting social media because you either despise it or have a strong aversion to it

  • You're struggling showing up for your biz consistently and being visible

  • You don't have the structure or strategy to make it in the current world climate

  • You're letting limiting beliefs about how you can't do your work as effectively online as you can in person keep you from transitioning online

  • You believe people won't buy what you offer right now

  • You're not making the money you know you're worth

  • You're still at a "real job" because your biz income is inconsistent or worse...nonexistent

  • You're sick of the arguments with your partner because it's taking WAY longer than you'd thought to actually start making money at this..."hobby"

  • You've lost touch with why you started this in the first place because it's not pleasureable anymore and you're secretly thinking, "I should just give up now."

  • You're tired of not making the impact you know you're capable of having

My online biz journey was one rocky road after another until I resolved my own personal, collective, and generational trauma

After I'd had my second baby, I was working as a City Planner when one day, my boss walked in my office and saw me breast pumping.

The door was shut, mind you. And he didn't knock.

But he walked in unannounced and had a hissy fit.

So he filed a complaint and scheduled a meeting with HR to try and get ME fired!

Needless to say, that was the end of me working for other people.

At that moment in 2011, I made a commitment to myself and my baby boys that I was going to be the mama that showed them that you can do anything you want that you love and make a great living doing it!

And that was the beginning of my journey into entrepreneurship and starting an online biz.

At first, I started as a doula wanting to create an online birth education course.

So I took B-school and learned alot.

But the course never sold.

Then, I did Layla Martin's sex/love/relationship coaching training in 2017 and became the holistic sex coach that I am.

The first year in biz took off like lightening! I was the poster child of doing everything "right" and making great $$$ until...

I launched a group program, did 70 sales calls and didn't sell a damn thing!

That's when I confronted my personal relationship trauma, my generational trauma of identity and my collective trauma of feminine oppression from patriarchy.

I was in Bali when it all went down.

As if mama Bali was telling me, "you don't get to move forward until you face your trauma!"

So I did. I got home, hired a trauma resolution coach and a somatic experiencing coach and I did the deep, inner work like mad for 6 months!

And once again, my biz took off like lightening.

Moral of the story...all the biz trainings and strategy in the world will only get you so far if you aren't doing the deep inner work.

Running a successful online biz is 80% inner work & embodiment training and 20% strategy & structure
And by inner work, I don't mean mindset work. NOPE! Getting through the layers of conditioning and trauma that you got from growing up under the patriarchal world order - the personal, collective, and generational trauma you've inherited from this travesty - takes ALOT more than mindset work. In fact, mindset work can do more damage than good on an unintegrated body/mind.
If you want to get past the thing holding you back (and no, you're NOT self sabotaging! It's not your fault you got raised to play small and dim your light!), you've got to heal the deep wounds you're probably not even aware of keeping you from showing up consistently, charging your worth and making it!

The Pleasure & Prosperity Mastermind is for you if:

  • You're a mission-driven, service-based coach/healer/therapist/teacher ready to FINALLY start making it online and get to 6 figures

  • You're a wo/man that wants to be the living example to your kids (neices/nephews/whatever) of how to be a badass boss and live life in a sustainable, pleasurable way and make 6 figures doing it...even in today's climate!

  • You need proven strategies and structures to support your biz and get you to 6 figures

  • You know you need the deep inner work to get there because you're currently NOT making the money and showing up how you know you should

  • You're ready for fierce accountability and the support of a small container of like-minded entrepreneurs and myself

In the Pleasure & Prosperity Mastermind, you'll get:


Biz Strategy & Structure

You'll get the exact strategies and structures I've used to create a 6 figure biz with no paid ads or employees.


1:1 & group support with me - Tilly

You'll get my eyes on your inner world to look at your personal, collective and generational conditioning and trauma keeping you from your next level of pleasure, prosperity and visibility!


Embodiment training

You'll get embodiment practices so you feel SAFE to shine, blast open your sacral chakra for creativity, and turn up the dial on worthiness, creating boundaries with people and clients, trusting yourself, and claim your power in biz! These audio practices you'll do inbetween sessions are where it's AT!

I created the 4 month Pleasure & Prosperity Mastermind because there was no other support out there for those who:

1. Need a sustainable way for them to do work and biz in alignment with the cycles of life & inner wisdom and family structure

2. To integrate their masculine/feminine in their biz and either start taking more massive action in their biz or stop taking the wrong actions and start integrating their trauma 

3. Want to be a living example to their kids (or other humans) that you CAN do anything you want in this life and make a great living doing it!

3. Need just as much (if not more) inner work and embodiment work as biz structure and strategy

The 4 month Pleasure & Prosperity Mastermind consists of:

  • 3 group calls per month with 1 integration week/month for a total of 12 group calls

  • Odd weeks we do biz strategy and group coaching

  • Even weeks we do inner work and embodiment training

  • 1 monthly 1:1 call with me (Tilly) for a total of 4 1:1 coaching calls

  • Daily Accountability Challenge with daily morning and evening pleasure & prosperity rituals.

  • Private Facebook Community and support

The Pleasure & Prosperity Mastermind Overview

***WE WILL START THE WEEK OF MAY 18TH, 2020 - September 2020***

You must sign up by MAY 15th 2020 for the mastermind.

You'll be getting biz support on topics such as the following:

  1. Social media and content creation

  2. Offerings

  3. Organic Lead generation (how to get leads with no paid ads)

  4. Launch formulas, how to do free challenges, master classes, webinars & List building

  5. How to become an enrollment god/dess and conduct sales and enrollment calls that get you $$$ in the bank!

  6. How to on and off board clients, do program evaluations and gather testimonials that sell themselves

I'll also be teaching and giving embodiment practices on the following topics as they relate to personal pleasure, prosperity & business:

  1. Worthiness & deservingness

  2. Sovereignty & boundaries

  3. Self expression & visibility

  4. Inner wisdom & trust

  5. Sensuality & sexuality in biz

  6. Cultivating personal power

Are you ready for more pleasure & prosperity?

What people are saying:

"I feel sexier, more powerful, more grounded in every way and free to be me! I think it’s not a coincidence that my love life and income have expanded!"


"Before working with Lacey, I did not know how to create healthy boundaries with my clients, my family, my partner, and friends. I was also still holding onto some sexual trauma that I had experienced with an ex-boyfriend. I was not putting myself first and giving in to people pleasing tendencies. Now, I’ve worked through all of that and have even been able to again have vaginal orgasms from penetration, orgasms with penetration and clitoral stimulation from various positions, and all of my orgasms are extremely intense and last longer!" I've also gotten so many new clients that I opened a second location for my biz! The clients are so much more aligned now and I love working with them!


If you are ready to live a turned on life on your terms, and make the income and impact you know you were born to make...