003: 12 ways to rewrite the narrative on sex and motherhood

For the past year, I’ve learned the one thing above all else that MUST be in place in order to reclaim the fullness of your sexuality while mothering – sisterhood.

But, I’ve also learned 11 other key things that must happen to rewrite the narrative of sex and motherhood. In today’s episode, I’m going to show you 12 things you must have in order to experience rapid transformation in the area of sex/love/relationships.

In this episode, I lay out a blueprint you can model to re-write the narrative on sex and motherhood within your mama tribe – a sort of container, a safe space to re-write this story not just for you, but for the collective.

Here are the 12 keys in short-order:

● No more competition, find true sisterhood

● Create a container of accountability and predictability to share stories and reflect and hold space for other woman

● When your needs are met first, you can help others meet there’s

● Educate yourself on sex and money – Consider how little you were actually taught about either.

● Define what a successful relationship means to you

● Uplevel how you love, relate and communicate in partnership

● Learn to ask for what you want

● Understand that you’re worth investing in and taking care of - you are your best asset

● Do the basics to survive and then do what scares you to thrive

● Learn the difference between your authentic yes and authentic no

● Understand that sexual energy is the energy of life - if it’s not moving through you, your creative and energetic flow will feel cut off and you’ll be tired all the time

● Realize that all emotions are inherently good even the bad ones

Books I mentioned:

Come as You Are – Emily Nagowski

Vagina – Naomi Wolf

Pussy – Regina Thomashauer

Wild Feminine – Tami Lynn Kent

Money, A Love Story – Kate Northrup

Getting the Love You Want – Harville Hendrix

Fears/Loves/Desires 15 minute guided audio to learn how to hold space with your partner.