010: Love Yourself to Happiness with Michaela Horvothova

Today we get to talk with the other half of the Love Yourself to Happiness team, Michaela Horvothova.

In episode 004, we talked to her business partner Maia Young. And I’m so excited to have both of them on the show!

In today’s episode, Michaela and I talk about the transition from early 20’s party life to finding true fulfillment and friendship in a totally new way in your 30’s.

Michaela gives her secrets to radiance and self care. And we talk about self-pleasure and meditation where I introduce the holistic sex tool of breath and how putting all these pieces together increases the range of sensation and pleasurable experiences possible.

We talk about Maia and Michaela’s business and how, for Michaela, it was birthed from the inspiration of her sweet goddess bebe.

Michaela is a lifestyle consultant for busy moms who want more energy and free time in their week. She hosts a private Facebook group called ENERGIZED MAMA TRIBE with Maia. In there they do weekly live coaching sessions, share their resources, celebrate wins and breakthroughs and support their tribe in every way possible.

Michaela is also a podcast co-host of the Love Yourself To Happiness Show with Maia where each week they interview their favorite experts. Michaela is also a full time mom of a 1 year old little goddess Ameya who is her biggest fan.

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With so much love,

Lacey Broussard