034: 4 Steps to having a full body/energy orgasm

If you’ve never had a full body/energy orgasm, you’re missing out on so much that’s available to you sexually.

We’re taught that orgasm is dependent on friction-based, physiological things that happen in the body. But, plenty of people have found that sexual experiences can reach much further than our limited definition of orgasm and reach into the world of energy or something not so quite scientific.

Sexual energy is really the turn on you feel inside when you see or think about someone or something hot. But when you start to work with this energy and turn on, you start to see that you can move it out of your pelvis and up into the body.

We tend to only think about sexual experiences in terms of what we feel down there, but when we start to put our focus and intention on moving our turn on into other parts of our body, this is the key to making a full body or energy orgasm available to you!

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To multiorgasmic bliss,

Lacey Broussard

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