037: Start your sexual empowerment journey here

Today we’re talking about sexual empowerment…what it is, and how to get it.

Why? Because as a society, we’re just now discovering what a world of sexually empowered women might even look like.

You might think this is nonsense because women already are sexually empowered and on the outside that may be true for most women, but what I’m talking about is internally sexually empowering woman too.

There of plenty of externally sexually powerful women who:

  1. Have men/women fight over them to marry them

  2. Can make any man/woman want them

  3. Are adored and desired by men/women even if they’re in a monogamous relationship

  4. Look like a supermodel

  5. Get asked out on dates by multiple men/women all the time

But that doesn’t mean that these externally sexually powerful women:

  1. Accept and love their bodies and sexuality and feel free to genuinely express themselves in the bedroom

  2. Feel that their sexuality is an asset and a source of energy for them

  3. Celebrate the unique relationship structures that works for them.

Being sexually empowered as a woman means being able to choose a sexuality in alignment with the depth of who you are and knowing how to use this most powerful force for your own thriving, pleasure and delight.

It’s about taking back the power that we’ve made empowering to everyone else but the women herself.

We’ve made it powerful to the men/women who feel powerful when they fuck it, or claim it, and to the advertising industry when they make millions off of it.

It’s time to take it back and learn to use your sexual power for your own goddamn good ladies.

Are you ready?

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To multiorgasmic bliss,

Lacey Broussard

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