038: 8 Self care practices for your sex life

038: 8 Self care practices for your sex life

No one taught you how to have a healthy sex life. It’s ok, no one taught me growing up either.

But after 4 years of studying and practicing the sensual and seductive arts, I learned that if you want a happy and healthy sex life, just like anything else…it starts with a little time and attention on you.

How much of your self-care are you devoting to having a healthy relationship with your sexuality?

My guess is…next to none.

I know that if you’re raising a family, you feel like a smashing success if you make it to yoga once or twice a week, or when you meal-prep enough to ensure you don’t end up at Chick-fil-a.

I’m not giving you another to-do, but if you deep-down desire more intimacy and connection with your partner (or the one you’d like to have), giving yourself a couple minutes once or twice a week to focus on self-care for your sexuality will help you feel more connected to the woman inside of you.

That’s why today, I wanted to give you my 8 favorite self-care practices for your sex life.

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To Multiorgasmic Bliss,

Lacey Broussard

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