039: How to talk with your kids about sex with Brianna Rader

Oh how the world would be a different place if someone had just taught us all about female anatomy and pleasure!

I’m curious, what are your plans for talking to your children about sex? What will you discuss with them? When will you discuss it with them?

Join me for today’s episode with relationship and sex educator, and founder/CEO of the Juicebox app, Brianna Rader, and hear us talk about age appropriate topics to discuss with your kids and why sex ed in the school system isn’t going to help your kids have happy, healthy sexual relationships.

Hear us talk about the number one block that keeps parents from helping their children have a great sex life and how you can get past it.

Also, don’t miss out on our juicy discussion on porn and how we can help our children understand the pitfalls and create healthy boundaries!

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Brianna Rader is a relationship & sex educator and the Founder/CEO of Juicebox, an app that provides 1-on-1 sex, dating, and relationship coaching anonymously. She has worked in sex education for 6 years and started her career providing sex education to college students in the state of Tennessee.

Her first experience was quite controversial--leading to the state defunding her organization and legally condemning her. She received an MSc. in Global Health from UC-San Francisco.

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