040: The Tantric way of healing from divorce

I know how easy it is to put walls up over your heart and to completely shut yourself down for romantic business when you’ve just lost the love of your life.

No matter the reason, it hurts. That’s why I’ve declared October Single Mama’s Thriving in Love month!

What can we do to heal ourselves so we remain open and receptive to love?

What does it really take when it seems like everything is against you? You’re taking care of the kids almost all the time, you’re working, you’re doing EVERYTHING…all while processing and going through one of the most difficult times of your life.

It might feel good and freeing at first, and then the pain starts to sink in deeper and deeper and you do what you can to either suppress it or pretend like it isn’t there.

But it is and you know it.

It’s the pain of not having what you want in love and in life.

And it hurts bad.

That’s why I wanted to lay out some clear steps for you to take to get through your separation or divorce open to love again…so you don’t shut down for romantic business like many single mama’s do.

Trust me, I’ve felt like doing that plenty of times…like, why would I ever even make myself available to experiencing this grief and pain again? Wouldn’t it just be easier to shut myself off completely from the possibility of love?

You could, and that would be the easy way out. But if you’re not one to settle for less than you know you deserve, I hope you’ll join me today and discover the Tantric way of healing from divorce.

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With so much love,

Lacey Broussard

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