052: The real reasons you’ve lost your mojo…and what you can do to get it back

Have you ever found yourself saying the following things?:

I don’t have time for sex and I’m too tired for sex.

I don’t know how to transition and relax from my busy day into feeling up for sex.

S/he doesn’t give me enough foreplay.

Sex hurts and I don’t enjoy it.

It’s the same thing every time, why bother?

And simultaneously wondering if this has anything to do with why you don’t desire sex?

Then, check out today’s episode on the REAL reasons why you’ve lost your mojo…and what you can do to get it back.

Often, the above are simply SYMPTOMS of why your mojo is missing in action.

Tune in today to learn the 5 real reasons behind these symptoms and learn what you can do to turn it all around.

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To multiorgasmic bliss,

Lacey Broussard

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