062:Inspiring Tales of Sexual Awakening & Empowerment with Ksenya Egorova

In April 2019, I went to Pussy Mansion in Greece for 10 days with a group of 15 other sex/love/relationship coaches from around the world.

We booked a house for a month and got together for a work-ation/vacation.

We did many wild and sacred rituals, held visibility workshops, boss bitch baptisms, I learned to give a proper lap dance and...I recorded the stories of some of the most sexually awakened and empowered women on the planet.

Because, that’s the kind of stories that need to be told in the world right now in our collective journey of human evolution.

In today’s episode with Ksenya Egorova, learn how your sexuality isn’t just FOR you, but it comes FROM you and learn the secret to keeping the spark alive in any long term relationship.

Ksenya shares her turning point moment...her moment of no return that led her into sexuality work and the ONE PRACTICE that changed this all around for her.

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Ksenya is a somatic sex, love and relationship coach for people who are ready to say YES! to themselves.

She holds a deep, oceanic space for you and help you navigate your unique inner landscape. When you work with Ksenya, you'll be unlearning and releasing everything that does not serve your deepest, truest soul purpose and expression on the subconscious level. Which is so powerful as it is said that 95% of our brain’s activity happens beyond our awareness.

Get in touch with Ksenya at ksenya.egorova@gmail.com and connect with her on Facebook under the same name.

Lots of love,

Lacey Broussard

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