073: 8 powerful steps to prioritize pleasure for hard working mama’s

On a scale of 1-10, how much is pleasure a priority in your life?

If it’s anything less than 10, this episode is for you love.

I know for many of you, pleasure is NOT a priority because you’re a hard working mama and there’s just not alot of space and time to drop in and enjoy the moment.

Some of you still have kids sleeping in your beds, kids that wake up in the middle of the night and need your attention, a partner that isn’t feeling it when you’re feeling it, no partner at all and self pleasure is just blah...I get it. We’ve all got reasons why we don’t make pleasure a priority.

Most of it is because somewhere deep down, we believe that pleasure is frivolous - like how can you prioritize something so...unnecessary?

But what I want to ask you is, what are you teaching your kids about pleasure if you don’t make it a priority?

And, what quality of life are you living if all you’re doing is keeping yourself busy and not enjoying it?

Join me for today’s episode of the podcast to learn 8 powerful steps you can take to make pleasure a priority in your busy life.

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