074: Are you more like roommates than romantic partners? Let’s fix this!

Are you and your partner:

  • The perfect co-parents?

  • Great communicators?

  • Best friends?

  • Better because of each other?

  • Totally in love with each other?

But, your sex life is kinda...blah and you feel more like roommates than romantic partners?

That’s because 2 key things are missing in your relationship.

Love alone is not enough for a healthy relationship over time. You gotta have the passion too hot mama.

Listen in to today’s episode to learn the 2 key things you are missing that’s turning the heat down in your relationship and learn my 4 tips to turn your best friend back into your lover.

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Lots of love,

Lacey Broussard

p.s. My kind of tips are NOT “change up the routine,” “try a different position,” “try a new sex toy,” “go on a weekend trip together,” or “learn a new hobby together.” That kind of advice is, imo, generic, lame, and doesn’t work over the long haul. But if ya want something that does...then, take a listen!

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