075: I’m not attracted to my partner anymore, but I still love them! What do I do?

If you were once attracted to your partner but aren’t anymore, this CAN indeed change.

There IS hope for you yet!

Maybe your partner has:

  • “Let themselves go”

  • Doesn’t prioritize health, self care or self development

  • Is super negative and complains all the time

  • Isn’t available to emotionally and intimately connect on the level you desire

These are all obvious reasons that you’d loose attraction over time.

But, here’s what’s going to happen if you don’t do anything about it:

  • You might end up having bad sex or no sex for the rest of your life

  • You might not ever feel emotionally met and seen

  • You might end up nitpicking your partner and having the same argument for the duration of your relationship

  • You might end up resenting your partner more than you think

  • You might end up having an affair

Today, I have 3 questions to ask yourself to get clarity on why you don’t feel attraction for your partner anymore.

You need clarity before you can move forward with resolving it.

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