079: How Vagus nerve health affects sexual pleasure & pelvic floor dysfunction with Melanie Weller

Earlier this year, I thought throat orgasms were a joke. Until I went to Greece with a bunch of sex coaches who taught each other full body orgasm techniques that could lead to throat orgasms.

Naturally, I raised my hand to be the demo. And I had an out of this world experience having had a throat orgasm for the first time from gentle stimulation of a finger at the roof of my mouth.

Yes, that’s the wild side of Lacey’s otherwise pretty mundane mom life.

Today I’m bringing out my science geek side to talk about the vagus nerve and sexual pleasure.

Why? Because, as it turns out, the vagus nerve is pretty darn important when it comes to your experience of sexual pleasure and pelvic floor function.

You see, the vagus nerve innervates the clitoris and the pelvic floor. And, a compressed vagus nerve can limit your experience of pleasure and orgasm along with a host of other physical complications.

But a healthy, decompressed vagus nerve can open the door to exquisite pleasure like you’ve never known.

Turns out, my vagus nerve is quite healthy!

Join me as I bring on physical therapist and vagus nerve expert - Melanie Weller - as she discusses the link between vagus nerve health and sexual pleasure and pelvic floor function!

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Not only are we talking about how it affects your experience of pleasure, but Melanie talks about her time tested techniques to decompress and heal your vagus nerve and experience more pleasure yourself!

Be sure to download her free Vagus Nerve Decompression Class and try the techniques yourself.

Melanie Weller is the world’s leading expert in treating the vagus nerve as a pinched nerve and multidimensional alignment. With an extensive background in treating patients no one else could help, she now focuses on optimizing performance in entertainers and athletes.

Melanie uses her extensive physical therapy credentials and Story Prescription™ process to connect the physical expression of your internal narrative with the internal expression of your physical narrative to find the shortest path to your highest potential. She is a Physical Therapist, board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults.

Lots of love,

Lacey Broussard

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