080: 10 practical ways to rejuvenate your sexual energy

Are any of these excuses or reasons you’re “too tired for sex?”

  • You have a newborn or toddler that wakes up in the middle of the night?

  • You have opposite schedules with your partner and hardly ever see them? Or only see them when you're ready to crash?

  • You do all/the majority of the chores & parenting in the relationship?

  • You only ever have sex at night and you just wanna go to bed?

  • You're on medication that decreases your libido?

  • You're worried about being rejected again?

  • You're not attracted to your partner anymore?

  • Your sex life is BORING?

Then listen in to today’s episode of the podcast to learn 10 practical ways to rejuvenate your sexual energy so feeling “too tired for sex” is no longer an excuse!

Today, I explain the pleasure paradox: the more pleasure you allow yourself to have, the more energy you will have!

If you deprive yourself of pleasure, you deprive yourself of energy.

I explain all the details in the episode.

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Books mentioned:

  1. Cuff Tied & Satisfied: A Kinky Guide to the Best Sex Ever by Jaiya

  2. Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century by Barbara Carrellas

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