081: The Difference Between Sensuality & Sexuality Explained: Part 1 of the Sensually Embodied Women

Ever wondered the difference between sensuality and sexuality? Tune in today to find out and to learn why focusing on one or the other, but not both can leave us unsatisfied and unfulfilled in our relationships.

Our society is obsessed with sexuality, but sensuality is widely misunderstood and therefore taken advantage, and even undervalued.

Creating nervous system alignment and somatic healing so that it feels safe to embody our sensuality and sexuality is what’s needed.

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That’s why over the next 5 weeks on the podcast, I’m going to be doing a series of episodes to highlight what it means to be a sensually embodied woman.

And I’ll be making a really sweet offer for you as well very shortly (hello group program you’ve all been waiting for!!)

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