084: Do your boundaries suck? Try this: Part 4 of the Sensually Embodied Woman Series

Hey there people pleasers and over givers, if you struggle with boundaries or knowing what you want or like in the bedroom (or in parenting or life in general)

Take a listen to today’s episode of The Multiorgasmic Mama Podcast to learn a 5 step process to practice creating boundaries and start fearlessly speaking them right now!

It’s such a simple process you can do it with your partner, your bestie, and when you’ve mastered it, you can do it with your older kids so they don’t inherit people pleasing and over giving tendencies!

If you want to embody your sensuality deeper, you’ve got to learn what feeds you, speak your wants and needs and create healthy boundaries with everyone in your life.

A sensually embodied woman knows what she wants and likes and asks for it.

And she KNOWS her fuck yes and fuck no and does not hesitate to let it be known.

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Lots of love,

Tilly Storm (formerly Lacey Broussard)

p.s. Last day to apply and speak with me about The Sensually Embodied Woman Group Coaching Program is 2/14/20. Only a couple more open days to get your application call scheduled!