088: 9 ways the jade egg practice will help you become multiorgasmic!

I first got into working on my sexuality by complete accident.

I signed up for a business training course and received a jade egg course as a bonus.

I thought, “why not? Can’t hurt right? And also...there’s GOT to be more to sex than what I’m currently experiencing. I can’t imagine another 60 years of only being able to orgasm in this ONE way!”

2 months later, I became multi-orgasmic after doing an average of 3 jade egg practices a week and investing only about 45 minutes of my week on the practice.

I wanted to be able to orgasm in more than one way, I wanted to have different types of orgasms other than clitoral orgasms, and, I wanted to feel amazing in my body after having kids.

Today, I’m sharing with you the 9 ways that starting a jade egg practice helped me become multiorgasmic.

Cause if I could do it raising 4 kids (at the time), driving kids to 4 different schools and working at a birth center at odd hours with no set schedule as a birth doula...hot mama, I have no doubts, you can do it too!’

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Lots of love,

Tilly Storm (formerly Lacey Broussard)

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