094: The staggering cost of remaining in an unfulfilling sex life and relationship

By the time I was 33 years old

I had already been divorced twice

And carried a lot of shame around this

After all, I’m a sex/love/relationship coach -

how are other people supposed to “make it work” if I can’t?

Then one day, I realized that it’s not that I I didn’t know how to “make it work”

It’s just that I had no tolerance for sweeping shit under the rug

Or living in a don’t ask, don’t tell relationship

Or continuing to trauma bond and repeat patterns keeping me stuck and spinning wheels around intimacy and connection

Because I knew the staggering cost of remaining in an unfulfilling sex life or relationship - physically, financially and emotionally

Because I had paid that cost after the first divorce (find out how much it actually cost me financially in the episode!)

So if you know you have room to grow in your sex life or relationship (or both)

And you’re not willing to settle for anything less than an extraordinary sex life and relationship that fills up your soul and sends you in ecstatic orgasmic waves of bliss that connect you to the Source of all that is…

Tune in to today’s episode to see why staying where you are right now will cost you more in the long run than investing in support NOW

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