095: How to go from numb, disconnected and in a sexual freeze to fully sensually embodied

Do you feel sexually numb, disconnected, always in your head and in a sexual freeze or winter?

Then listen in to today’s podcast interview with Irene - an anonymous client (name has been changed) from the February round of my Sensually Embodied Woman Group Coaching Program.

She shares about her struggles as a mom and step mom of 5 children, how she felt numb and disconnected from her body, and how she was always frustrated and judgmental with herself around being a sexual NO for so long.

Listen in as she shares about her 180 degree transformation from:

  • being completely resistant to the jade egg practices

  • experiencing super low low’s during the pandemic

  • how she was able to get through it all and find pleasure, connection, aliveness and desire in her body again, self acceptance and love, and more intimacy and connection with her partner than she’s experienced in the last 6 years!!!

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p.s. When will you be ready to unfreeze too hot mama? Apply for the May round of Sensually Embodied Woman by Thursday 4/30/20



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