096: 5 steps to manifest like a Queen: The Pleasure & Prosperity Series Part 1

Over the past 2.5 years, I went from being:

  • a domesticated housewife turned divorcee,

  • shit paid doula,

  • mom and step mom of 4, and

  • full time weekend Uber driver

To a 6 figure making:

  • life transformer

  • holistic sex coach

  • 20 hour a week worker (I only work Monday/Wednesday/Friday and mom the rest of the time)

  • world traveler (when Corona stops putting a cramp in your style)

  • debt payer-offer

  • sole income earner single mom of 2

How did I do it?

I learned how to Manifest Like A Queen!

Tune in today to learn my 5 steps to manifesting like a Queen

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