104: From energetically drained and in a sexual rut, to energized and receiving more pleasure...

Do you feel energetically drained and in a sexual rut with?

Then listen in to today’s podcast interview with Veronica - an anonymous client (name has been changed) from my Sensually Embodied Woman Group Coaching Program.

She shares about being a mom of 4 children under 8 years old, how she struggles with her energy levels, feeling in a sexual rut with her partner, and feeling tired of being “grumpy mom”

Listen in as she shares about her transformation from:

  • Being grumpy mom to playful mom

  • Formulaic sex always being about a goal to achieve and a thing to check off the “to-do” list, to learning how to drop into her body and be in the present and enjoy it without a goal in mind!

  • How she was able to increase her energy levels with the jade egg practices, get her creative spark back, say no to sex when she really didn’t want it - guilt-free, and also say yes to sexual interaction and play when it was a maybe without getting attached to an outcome!

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