106: Here’s what happened when she said yes to healing generational oppression of women for herself

Have you ever wondered what the next generation of women coming up are in for, in the realm of sexuality and relationships?

If they’re anything like Chelita, our youngest Sensually Embodied Woman participant ever, then I am very hopeful.

Chelita is very open about her experiences and how focusing on owning YOU affects your sex life.

In today’s podcast interview, hear how Chelita:

  • Went from feeling oppressed and totally lacking boundaries or the ability to speak them due to her traditional Thai roots conditioning and how it led her to break free of attracting toxic relationship partners and patterns when she said yes to doing the work

  • Hear how she broke social norms and stood up and spook her no in a very uncomfortable setting

  • How she learned to connect to her sensuality again after years of feeling disconnected

  • How the embodiment practices helped her learn to relax, drop into her body, be present and flow

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