110: Jade Egg Do’s, Do Not’s & Why’s, and how to start a practice

Anything holistic, empowering, cheap and effective is always disproportionately criticized...

By people who stand to make profits off of more non-holistic options.

Whether it's natural child birth, ways to treat COVID, or...the jade egg practice,

Today, I'm sharing with you jade egg do's, do not's and why's

When it comes to removing all your blocks to pleasure, turn-on and feeling confident and sexy in your body.

Cause the truth is, you don't need Vylesi or the O Shot to have better sex and orgasms.

You just need a sexual self care routine that you can do on your own when you need it.

Minus insurance companies and doctors.

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Jade Egg book recommendations:

The Tao Tantric Arts For Women by Minke De Vos

Emergence of the Sensual Woman by Saida Desilets

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