Medium size, side-ways drilled 100% genuine nephrite jade egg so you can string your egg and use jade egg weights. This is the most versatile jade egg size and appropriate for most practitioners. It's also the highest quality nephrite jade available. (Small size eggs are for very advanced practitioners and large size eggs are for immediate postpartum practiioners or those with a very weak pelvic floor).

100% Genuine Nephrite Jade Egg

  • The jade egg comes with my Jade Egg Starter Guide for free which includes:

    1. How to care for your jade egg
    2. How to prepare your jade egg for first time use
    3. How to use your Jade Egg in a hygienic way
    4. Jade egg restrictions and contraindications
    5. How to string your jade egg
    6. 3 jade egg warm-up pracitces
    7. 3 audio-guided jade egg practices

    This way, you know exactly how to care for your egg and how to use it.

  • USA orders usually delivered in 3-5 busines days. International orders are accepted but please allow additional shipping time.


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