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This practice guide comes with my top 12 audio-guided meditations, jade egg practices, copules communication practices, and breathwork practices to awaken your sex drive, create more intimacy and connection (with yourself or your partner) and feel amazing in your body. These practices will take you from numb and disconnted from your body, resentful and distant from your partner, to feeling back in your body, more sensitized to sensation, more self love, and intimate connection with your yourself and your partner. The practices range from 5minutes - 20minutes with the average practice taking only 8 minutes. The guide also comes with a jade egg eguide with everything you need to know about the jade egg: jade egg usage, care and hygiene, jade egg restrictions, how to prepare, string and clean your jade egg.


List of practices:

  1. Body Love Breathwork
  2. Fears/Desires/Loves communication practice for couples
  3. Intimacy & Clarity meditation for singles or individuals
  4. Breast Massage
  5. Sensual Breathing
  6. The Reveal communication practice for couples or friends
  7. Pussy Breathing
  8. Basic Jade Egg Practice
  9. Body Meditation
  10. Strengthening Jade Egg Practice
  11. Sexy Squeeze
  12. Energy Booster Jade Egg Practice

14 Day Practice Guide to Ignite Desire and Feel Sexy Again

  • The Practice Guide is a .pdf

    The Audio Guided Practices are .mp3's