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Five 30-60 minute jade egg audio-guided .mp3 sessions and five .pdf session guides designed for the modern women to heal and restore a woman to sexual wholeness. Jade egg IS NOT included.

Jade Egg Practice Collection

  • 5 audio-guided sessions and accompanying .pdf session guides to teach you about the practice and how to do it:

    1. Pleasure Session audio & guide: designed to help you reach your full pleasure capacity, to break down any blockages keeping you from experiencing pleasure. Perfect for women who feel numb and disconnected.
    2. Healing Session audio & guide: designed to create healing and integration and to empower you to know how to heal yourself from sexual conditioning.  Perfect for women who want to get rid of sexual guilt and shame and other negative sexual conditioning and experiences.
    3. Power Session audio & guide: designed to help you become empowered energetically, physically, and physiologically in your sexuality as a woman. It will awaken your fire inside and teach you how to strengthen your pelvic floor using the jade egg and weights if you so choose. Perfect for women who want to use their sexual energy to create more personal power and women who want to increase their pelvic floor strength.
    4. Wild Session audio & guide: designed to help you break out of habitual patterns and access your wild, uninhibited, sexual freedom. This session will help you feel how delicious, nourishing, life changing and empowering it is when you allow yourself to express your wild. Perfect for women who get bored with sex and feel restricted in how they express themselves sexually.
    5. Sexy Session audio and guide: designed to give you permission to feel safe expressing your sexy and to help you grow and expand your sexuality. Perfect for tom-boys or for women who have a hard time feeling “feminine” and really able to own their sexy.
    • Skin-friendly oil
    • A 100% genuine nephrite jade egg (add one from my shop to your cart if you need one!)
    • A yoga mat for practice space
    • A music playlist suitable for each practice (I give you access to my Spotify if you want to use my playlists.)