The Sensually Embodied Woman

Ignite your passion and desire + Wake up your sexual energy + Embody your confidence 

We are currently taking applications and deposits for the October 2020 round. Apply by 10/27/20

Hey Mama,

Are you ready to break through every single barrier that is preventing you from a life of pleasure, turn-on, and feeling confident and sexy in your body?  


Right now you are….


✗ Feeling passionless in your sex life 

✗ Lacking boundaries around time and responsibility

✗ Unsure of what you want or like sexually 

✗ Experiencing sexual shame or guilt 

✗ Struggling with asking for what you want 

✗ Faking orgasms or not having them

✗ Frustrated with your body and your partner 


I’ve heard from thousands of women just like you. 


You probably think you’re already sexually liberated and free. BUT, the truth is…you don’t likely feel that way in your body. 


You feel limited, stuck, numb, expressionless. 


You don’t get real. You perform. You hide who you really are under so many masks YOU DON’T even REALLY KNOW who you are sexually.


Your body has not caught up with your head. 


You are NOT Embodied. 


Your knowledge of sexual freedom does not register to your body, because you have not gone deep enough. 


On a psychosomatic level, this is why so many women experience female health issues like fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, painful PMS, recurring yeast infections, UTI’s, cancers, painful sex, infertility, and the list goes on.

The Sensually Embodied Woman is the cure to go from mental, emotional, & physical bondage to 
Using deep embodiment work, modern coaching modalities, nervous system release & re-wire techniques, and the ancient Taoist Jade Egg practice, you'll be able to...

✔ Feel safe being in your body and getting out of your head

✔ Resource into pleasure 

✔ Move stuck and stagnant sexual energy that cause female health issues 

✔ Tap into your wild primal sexual power 

✔ Heal and release from birth and sexual trauma 

✔ Have better orgasms

The Sensually Embodied Woman is proven to remove all of your blocks to pleasure, turn on, and feeling confident and sexy in your body. 

Yes! It is absolutely possible to have the freedom you desire in a body that you love.

The Sensually Embodied Woman is

It's the way to break out of your pattern of over-giving and people-pleasing, and step into your pleasure -- claiming your desires, unapologetically.

Regulate Your Nervous System

Uncover the capacity to feel and experience pleasure, by releasing charge and shock from your body.  


We will → engage in a daily morning pleasure ritual accountability challenge. 


You’ll → release the tendency to escape your problems and become confident to handle them directly.

Bond With Your Body and Mind

Take a deep dive into the root issues, preventing you from experiencing your desires. 


We will → use lasering tools to tap into healing and mind + body integration, during bi weekly 1:1 coaching sessions. 


You’ll → let go of old inhibiting patterns and become empowered to create space for and choose a new sexual identity.

Get Embodied

Wake up your desire, discover your full body yes/no, and release trauma and conditioning stored in your body. 


We will → practice embodiment, trauma healing, and meditation techniques using the ancient Taoist Jade Egg practice, in bi-weekly live Jade Egg sessions. 


You’ll → stop being a people pleaser and start making your pleasure the priority.

Sisterhood Support

Step into your authentic sensual and sexual expression in a safe space with a supportive circle. 


We will →  create a community of intentional daily accountability with challenges and rewards. 

You’ll →  create lifelong relationships with other women who are also becoming embodied.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

  • 10 weeks of guided support from me and my assistant coaches

  • Bi-weekly private coaching and office hour calls

  • Bi-weekly group interactive sessions

  • Bi-weekly live Jade Egg sessions

  • Sisterhood Support through our private Facebook Group

  • Daily accountability challenges

Hear what past participants have said:


"I feel sexier, more powerful, more grounded in every way and free to be me! I think it’s not a coincidence that my love life and income have expanded!"


“Last night we finally did full penetration!!!! And no pain!!! I did the jade egg breathing practice during and it really helped me to relax. I am so stoked.”


"I feel more in control of my experience and I am more clear on the power I have to live a life full of joy and ecstasy!"


"Lacey helped me to see that a totally new way of relating to my sexuality (and my story about my sexuality) is possible. I feel excited about the ripple effects!"


"I feel whole for the very first time, totally secure in my female sexiness as though it was a true part of me rather than something I have to dress up for or become conscious about."


"I really couldn’t see a way out of this relationship gray space I was in going through my divorce. Now, dating without guilt & shame feels possible & even pleasurable and exciting!"


"I reconnected with my feminine energy and feel like a big block has been cleared. Now, I feel like my energy is more balanced and flowing and I’m more capable of receiving!"


"Before working with Lacey, I did not know how to create healthy boundaries with my clients, my family, my partner, and friends. I was also still holding onto some sexual trauma that I had experienced with an ex-boyfriend. I was not putting myself first and giving in to people pleasing tendencies. Now, I’ve worked through all of that and have even been able to again have vaginal orgasms from penetration, orgasms with penetration and clitoral stimulation from various positions, and all of my orgasms are extremely intense and last longer!"

Listen Mama, if you're thinking, "I'll just read a book, buy my own Jade Egg, and do this myself"

here's the deal. . .

Transforming the deep trauma and negative conditioning that affects EVERY SINGLE WOMEN’S sexuality can not be done alone! You need to be guided in a safe space by a qualified professional. 


Up-leveling your pleasure, igniting your desire and passion for life, and feeling safe to fully & deeply embody your sensuality is NOT A DIY project.


We can only heal collective trauma IN the collective.


And if you’re thinking, “what IS a Jade Egg” and “how does it help,” listen up….


I will guide you through everything you need to know about using Jade Egg practices to release blocks, so that you can fully embody pleasure and sensuality. 


The Jade Egg is an egg-shaped stone used vaginally. With the Jade Egg inserted, you can practice a variety of squeezes, releases, bodywork, and breathwork. 



Hey, I'm Tilly!

I grew up in a very conservative religious home and felt a lot of guilt/shame around my body and sexuality. I ended up marrying my kids’ dad when I was 20 years old, because I thought that would make the shame go away. 

Sex was ok, but it wasn’t great. I felt shut down and could only orgasm in 1 way. I wanted to feel more free and good in my body. I hated how I looked after kids even though I was skinny.


After the birth of my first child, I was led on a journey of personal growth, development, and spiritual awakening. After the birth of my second child, I became a doula and midwife apprentice. I noticed how much support new mothers needed in rehabilitating their pelvic floors and sexuality after birth. I was driven to help them. 


I’d heard about the Jade Egg practice and how it could help you release sexual guilt and shame and help you experience different kinds of orgasms. So, I signed up to take a Jade Egg course. Within 2 months of doing Jade Egg and embodiment practices three days a week, I released all of the negative sexual conditioning that was holding me back! I fell in love with my body and became multiorgasmic.


I then decided that if this was my reality, I could help millions of women achieve the same liberation and freedom. I enrolled in The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality to become a certified sex/love/relationship coach, jade egg coach, tantric sex coach and men's sexuality coach.


I have set out to empower 1 million women to break out of the pattern of over giving and people pleasing to prioritize their pleasure, ignite their passion and desire, wake up their sexual energy, and embody their confidence.

In addition to:

  • 10 weeks of guided support ($2,000 value ) 

  • Bi-weekly private coaching and office hour calls ($2,5000 value)

  • Bi-weekly group interactive sessions ($2,500 value)

  • Bi-weekly live Jade Egg sessions ($2,500 value)

  • Sisterhood Support through our private Facebook Group ($1,000 value)

  • Daily accountability challenges ($1,000 value)

You get:

  • A 100% genuine nephrite Jade Egg ($79 value)

  • Opportunity to win a $200 Victoria’s Secret gift card 

  • My Jade Egg Starter Guide ($99 value)

  • Access to my Jade Egg energy and foundational practice collection ($99 value)


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