Hey mama, are you ready to break through every block to pleasure, turn on and feeling sexy in your body?

Hear what past participants have said:

Sadly, this is the state of most women's sex lives and relationships. I know because I've talked to thousands of women struggling to embrace their sexuality.

Getting the passion and spark back is why I've created my 10 week Sensually Embodied Woman Jade Egg Group Coaching Program to help you step into being a full blown Sensually Embodied Woman...

Using deep embodiment work, modern coaching modalities, somatic nervous system release and re-wire practices, and the ancient Taoist jade egg practice to clear your body from the negative sexual conditioning & trauma keeping you from having the pleasure, turn on, intimacy and confidence you desire!

You may think you don't have negative sexual conditioning or trauma, you may think you're sexually liberated and free already. But the truth is...

You likely don’t feel that way in your body.

You feel limited, stuck, numb, expressionless, you don’t get real, you perform, you hide who you really are under so many masks you don’t even REALLY know who you are sexually.

Your body has not caught up with your head.

You are NOT Embodied.

Your knowledge of your sexual freedom does not register to your body because you have not gone deep enough.

On a psycho somatic level, this is why so many women experience female health issues such as fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, painful PMS, recurring yeast infections, UTI’s, cancers, painful sex, infertility etc.

Time to get Embodied hot mama’s.

Are you done feeling passionless in your sex life and relationship where:
  • You hardly ever have sex with your partner

  • You depend on a/your partner to get ALL your sexual needs met

  • You have pain during sex and/or say yes to sex even when it hurts.

  • You hardly ever think about sex or pleasure because there's so much more important stuff to do

  • You're always too tired for sex

  • You rarely have an orgasm, or worse, you fake it

  • You don't know what you want and like or even how to please yourself

  • You aren't sure if you've ever had an orgasm OR you've only ever had a clitoral orgasm

  • You don't allow yourself to just rest and be

  • You struggle letting go of control and receiving

  • You struggle asking for what you want and asking for help - you feel like a burden or inconvenience

  • You over give and people please and your boundaries with your kids, friends & family suck

  • Date nights have become either non existent or they consist of conversations about work and the kids and you hardly ever have a REAL meaningful conversation or fun with your partner anymore

  • You avoid vulnerability and intimacy even though you deeply want it

  • You engage in numbing behaviors more often than you'd like to admit: like drinking too much wine, always online shopping, binge watching shows, or smoking too much pot and/or you can't remember what it's like not being on sleeping pills, anti-anxiety or anti-depressant meds

I grew up in a very conservative religious home and felt a lot of guilt/shame around my body and sexuality.

I ended up marrying my kids dad when I was 20 years old because I thought that would make the shame go away.


Sex was ok, but it wasn’t great.


I felt shut down and could only orgasm in 1 way.


I wanted to feel more free and good in my body.


I hated how I looked after kids even though I was skinny.


I’d heard about the jade egg practice and how it could help you release sexual guilt and shame and help you experience different kinds of orgasms.


So I signed up to take a jade egg course and within 2 months of doing jade egg and embodiment practices 3 times a week,


I released all the negative sexual conditioning that was holding me back, fell in love with my body and became multiorgasmic.

If you want to heal something, you must go about healing it on the level of mind it was created.
All negative sexual conditioning and trauma are created in the deep mind at the limbic and reptilian brain levels. That's why talk therapy and counseling DO NOT WORK - because they only help you process on the conscious, logical, cortical thinking mind. That's why people that have done therapy or counseling to try and resolve negative sexual conditioning and trauma do not experience lasting change and transformation in their sex lives and relationships!
Using deep embodiment work, modern coaching modalities, nervous system release & re-wire techniques, and the ancient Taoist jade egg practice, you'll be able to:
  1. Get out of your head and drop into your body

  2. Feel safe being in your body

  3. Build new neuronal pathways in your brain to pleasure and orgasm

  4. Heal and release trauma from the body

  5. Resource into pleasure

  6. Increase pelvic floor strength for stronger longer lasting orgasms

  7. Release tension and stress and relax the pelvic floor fully so you can have better orgasms

  8. Cathartically release and complete stress cycles keeping you from pleasure

  9. Teach you how to surrender, let go and receive

  10. Move stuck and stagnant sexual energy that cause female health issues

  11. Drop into your wild primal sexual power

  12. Feel safe being fully sexually expressed

  • You are done living in a passionless sex life and relationship & yearn for more pleasure, joy & connection

  • You are done with the traditional, clinical methods of healing and want to explore something body based to create the results IN YOUR BODY that you've been looking for all along

  • Are interested in learning and understanding about the nervous system and trauma responses so you can better work with yourself to create self healing

  • You want to be empowered in your own healing process

  • You want to be witnessed and have sisterhood support with other women's through your process. This is a GROUP program so you will be interacting and supporting one another in community!

  • You want to learn better boundaries and create a thriving sexual identity for yourself

  • You want to experience more pleasure, joy and freedom in your body and expand your pleasure and orgasmic capacity

  • You want to learn to surrender, let go of control and receive

  • You want to get out of your head and get EMBODIED

  • You're not planning to get pregnant within the next 2 months and you're more than 6 weeks postpartum

The Sensually Embodied Woman Jade Egg Group Coaching Program is for you if:

In the Sensually Embodied Woman Program, you'll experience the following:

Emotional Benefits:

More confidence in the bedroom and in life, excited about your partner coming home every night, better boundaries, loving your body more, feeling confident asking for what you want, feeling more connected to your feminine, getting out of your head during sex, more joyful and free!

Physical Benefits:

More pleasure in your body and in life, more toned pelvic floor muscles with increased sensitivity, and stronger and longer lasting orgasms, opening up the ability to have different types of orgasms and multiple orgasms.

Health Benefits:

More energy, decreased period pain, increased sexual desire, more balanced hormones.

My 10 week Group Program was designed after helping over 60 1:1 clients release pleasure and intimacy blocks. Plus, 1000 hours of specialized training in sex, love, and relationship coaching, jade egg, and tantric sex coaching through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin.

The Program consists of:

  • Five - 2 hour interactive group coaching sessions bi-weekly

  • Five - 1.5 hour live guided jade egg practices bi-weekly 

  • Five - 1 hour private coaching office hours sessions with me bi-weekly

  • Daily Accountability Challenge with daily morning and evening pleasure rituals. Whoever wins the challenge gets a $200 Victoria's Secret e-gift card for their commitment to their pleasure!

  • Private Facebook Community and sisterhood support

But why a jade egg?

Because it's single-handedly the most effective, time-tested and holistic tangible thing to help a woman somatically release blocks to pleasure so she can embody her sensuality.

The jade egg is an egg shaped stone that you use internally in your vagina and do different squeezes and releases and breathwork and body practices with.

The jade egg practice is not simply wearing it around.


More specifically, it's an ancient Taoist practice only taught to the high priestesses and courtesans of China so they could tap into their sexual energy and feel turned on and alive inside, create lasting vitality and radiance even through menopausal years, and to feel confident and sexy in their skin.

The jade egg practice made it's way to the USA about 40 years ago and has been adapted for the needs of modern women like you. And, it happens to be an amazing tool to help release sexual trauma and negative conditioning on the somatic/body layer.

The Sensually Embodied Woman Program Overview

***WE WILL START THE WEEK OF JULY 27TH, 2020 - SEPTEMBER 28th, 2020***

You must apply by JULY 22th 2020 to be considered for this round of SEW.

Week 1: Group interactive session 1 - Self Love, the Nervous System & Female Pleasure and group coaching

Week 2: Live Jade Pleasure Session + Office hours

  • The pleasure session will help you drop the goal of orgasm and any and all expectations you have around your body and let yourself feel whatever is real for you right here and now. You may feel numb and disconnected and that's ok! Letting yourself be ok with it while inviting the intention for pleasure is where you gotta start.

Week 3: Group interactive session 2 - Trauma integration, resourcing & healing and group coaching

Week 4: Live Jade Healing Session + Office hours

  • The healing session will help you to heal and integrate and to empower you to know how to heal yourself from sexual trauma and negative sexual conditioning.  Perfect for women who want to get rid of sexual guilt and shame and other negative sexual traumas.

Week 5:  Group interactive session 3 - Sexual Sovereignty, empowerment & energy and group coaching

Week 6: Live Jade Power Session + Office hours

  • The power session will help you become empowered energetically, physically, and physiologically in your sexuality as a woman. It will awaken your fire inside and teach you how to strengthen your pelvic floor using the jade egg and weights if you so choose. Perfect for women who want to use their sexual energy to create more personal power and women who want to increase their pelvic floor strength and have stronger, longer lasting orgasms.

Week 7: Group interactive session 4 - Archetype play, sexual identity & primal nature and group coaching

Week 8: Live Jade Wild Session + Office hours

  • The wild session will help you break out of habitual patterns and access your wild, uninhibited, sexual freedom. This session will help you feel how delicious, nourishing, life changing and empowering it is when you allow yourself to express your wild. Perfect for women who get bored with sex and feel restricted in how they express themselves sexually. And for women who have habitual masturbation patterns or can only orgasm in 1 way.

Week 9: Group interactive session 5 - Love/Safety/Belonging & orgasmic exploration and group coaching

Week 10: Live Jade Sexy Session + Office hours

  • The sexy session will help to give you permission to feel safe expressing your sexy and to help you grow and expand your sexuality. Perfect for tom-boys or for women who have a hard time feeling “feminine” and really able to own their sexy or feel safe expressing their sexy side.

If you're new to the jade egg practice or have never heard of it before...I've got you covered.

The Sensually Embodied Woman Group Coaching Program is for women who may have heard of a jade egg, or maybe even have one, but have never had any proper training on how to use it to release trauma and embody their sensuality. Or maybe you've taken an online course before but you never had the accountability to complete it. Or, maybe this is the first you've heard of it and it's sounding really sweet!

The SEW Program comes with the following bonuses worth $495:

A 100% genuine nephrite jade egg ($69 value)

+ Free shipping (including international orders) of your medium size, drilled 100% genuine nephrite jade egg.

$200 Victoria's Secret e-gift card for THE #1 WINNER of the SEW Accountability Challenge ($200 value)

I know you're a busy mama running a house, probably a business or job, AND doing the deep inner work to change your sex life and relationship around. I LOVE rewarding mama's who make their pleasure a priority and will award the #1 winner ONLY of our Accountability Challenge (which includes a daily morning and evening pleasure & prosperity ritual) a $200 Victoria's Secret e-gift card!

My Jade Egg eGuide ($29 value)

In this eGuide, you will learn about basic jade egg care, hygiene, how to clean your egg, how to string it, and when you are not supposed to use it. It will help you have peace of mind that the jade egg is a safe and effective tool to release trauma when used properly.

Access to my jade egg foundational practice collection ($99 value)

You'll receive audio-guided practices of all my foundational practices meant to support the entire body to come into a greater version of health and aliveness. They're meant to help you in different ways like nourishing your breasts, lightening your period cycle, releasing stored tension in the vagina, and to train the body to experience different kinds of orgasm such as full body, energy, or valley orgasms. 

Access to my jade egg energy practice collection ($99 value)

You'll receive audio-guided practices of all my energy practices that are what make the jade egg practices a spiritual experience. If you want to train the body to transform sexual experiences into sacred and spiritual experiences and to help refine and support the energy body, this practice collection is essential.

The Investment?

Pay in Full
4-pay monthly Payment Plan
$850 (x4)

What people are saying:

"I feel sexier, more powerful, more grounded in every way and free to be me! I think it’s not a coincidence that my love life and income have expanded!"


"Before working with Lacey, I did not know how to create healthy boundaries with my clients, my family, my partner, and friends. I was also still holding onto some sexual trauma that I had experienced with an ex-boyfriend. I was not putting myself first and giving in to people pleasing tendencies. Now, I’ve worked through all of that and have even been able to again have vaginal orgasms from penetration, orgasms with penetration and clitoral stimulation from various positions, and all of my orgasms are extremely intense and last longer!"


“Last night we finally did full penetration!!!! And no pain!!! I did the jade egg breathing practice during and it really helped me to relax. I am so stoked.”


"I reconnected with my feminine energy and feel like a big block has been cleared. Now, I feel like my energy is more balanced and flowing and I’m more capable of receiving!"


"I feel more in control of my experience and I am more clear on the power I have to live a life full of joy and ecstasy!"


"Lacey helped me to see that a totally new way of relating to my sexuality (and my story about my sexuality) is possible. I feel excited about the ripple effects!"


"I really couldn’t see a way out of this relationship gray space I was in going through my divorce. Now, dating without guilt & shame feels possible & even pleasurable and exciting!"


"I feel whole for the very first time, totally secure in my female sexiness as though it was a true part of me rather than something I have to dress up for or become conscious about."


If you're thinking: "that's great info Tilly, I'll just buy a jade egg and figure out the practice myself!" Here's the deal Hot Mama...

Lasting change and transformation takes being held, witnessed and guided in a safe container by a qualified professional such as your's truly.

Transforming the deep trauma and negative conditioning that affects EVERY SINGLE WOMAN on this planet's sexuality CAN NOT BE DONE ALONE!

Up-leveling your pleasure, igniting your desire and passion for life, and feeling safe to fully & deeply embody your sensuality is NOT A DIY project.

Would you read a book on how to perform open heart surgery and then actually perform open heart surgery on yourself if you needed it? No, you wouldn't. Because you'd need someone to do it for you.

Resolving 5,000 years of patriarchy of the collective trauma of oppression of women's power, sensuality and sexuality keeping you from being sensually embodied IS NOT something you can do on your own.

It must be done with a qualified guide such as myself and in community of other women that support you and have your back.

We can only heal collective trauma IN the collective.

If you are ready to wake up to the most fully embodied & alive, self expressed, radiant & vibrant, present & joyful version of yourself, then...


©2020 by The Multiorgasmic Mama - Lacey Broussard.