Break out of your boring sexual routine

and master the art of better, connected sex with your partner!

Hey hot mama,

Would you love some new techniques to create more intimacy and connection with your partner?

In my Tantra for Lovers program...

you'll get all my best techniques and one-on-one private, virtual support based in classical and neo-tantric practices and modern coaching modalities to turn your sex life with your partner from blah, to OMG WHEN CAN WE DO IT AGAIN!

As women, we: 

  • Often don't get the turn-on throughout the day that leads us to truly desiring sex 

  • Fear that we're taking too long and get stuck in our head instead of feeling what's alive in our body

  • Get into one tried and true pattern and stick with it cause it's all we know that works

so we loose touch with the fun and adventure that sex can be in exchange for what we know works...making sex feel boring or like another to-do.


As if you needed more of that!

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Having sex in a way that feels exciting, deeply connected, playful, spontaneous, and wild

seems to happen less and less the more years that go by in relationship with a partner...especially if you've had kids or a busy career. We get into a proven pattern or routine and over time, it becomes, well...boring & routine.

But how would your relationship with your partner change if you could:


  • Learn new techniques that could help you have full body and energy orgasms?

  • Learn how to give the ultimate pussy and penis massage?

  • Learn connection and communication practices to get you feeling deeply connected to your partner?


  • Learn how to use your sexual energy to get what you want in life?


  • Stop worrying about how long it's taking and surrender to pleasure instead?

Did you know that the average couple has sex for 7 minutes?

But that it takes a woman's body 30-45 minutes to open up to her full pleasure capacity?

That's alot of fast-food/maintenence sex honey!

If you're not having sex for longer than 7 minutes, then it's no surprise that it feels boring and're just getting started by the time it's over! But the most mind-blowing orgasms happen when we give ourselves time and learn a couple of new techniques!

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When I started studying at The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, I had no idea all of the pleasurable and orgasmic experiences I was missing out on!

I had only ever had clitoral orgasms that were...meh. But they for sure weren't that exciting or mind blowing.

Eventually, I learned that there was an entire world of my sexuality that I had never even discovered!


I didn't know there were different types of orgasms or how to drop so fully into the moment and sexually unleash. There was so much I was missing out on that I didn't even know was possible!

I had no idea how much freedom I could feel inside when I learned the specific tools and techniques to get out of the boring, routine.

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Tantra for Lovers 7 session tantric sex coaching program

That's why I want to invite you into the world of mind blowing sex in my

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Experience your sexuality in a way that feels nourishing and energizing like a delicious feast of healthy organic food!

Lacey Broussard Skyline 3

Experience surrendered states of ecstasy and bliss so you can finally let go and receive!

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Activate your sexual energy and experience more turn on and pleasure than ever!

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Experience a level of intimacy and connection with  your partner you've never felt before! 

My Tantra for Lovers program was created after completing 1,000 hours of specialized training in Tantric sexuality and sex/love/relationship coaching through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin.
Tantra for Lovers is for:
  • Partners who want to experience deeper intimacy and connection before love-making even begins

  • Couples who want to learn and master sexual breathwork practices together

  • Partners who want to unleash and learn how to drop fully into their wild, primal sexuality

  • Couples who want to learn to give each other full body/energy orgasms

  • Partners who want to learn pussy and penis massage

  • Couples who want to learn to better communicate and practice radical honesty in safe communication containers

Tantra for Lovers includes:
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7 private 60-90  minute virtual Tantric sex coaching sessions


10-20 audio-recorded practices  so you can take what you learned in our live sessions and practice whenever you want


Video based/location independent sessions & unlimited email support inbetween sessions. 


2 professionally filmed sensual massage follow along video practices so you can learn the ins and outs of pussy and penis massage in the privacy of your own home.


Discreet, confidential support. Your privacy and comfort are of utmost importance to me.

Ready to get started?

Fill out the application and we'll set up a time with you and your partner to see if this program is right for you


How are the sessions conducted? Is there any explicit sexuality or nudity during the session?

The short answer is NO. The sessions are conducted over Zoom video conference software. We do the communication and connection practices and the breathwork practices live and then I explain the sexuality practices and go over how to do them. You are then left to do the sexuality portion on your own.

I have a partner but I'm not sure if s/he'd be interested in doing this with me. How could I get him/her on board?

I totally understand. You may have a deep desire to learn Tantric sex, but if you want to learn it with a partner, s/he will have to get on board and at least be open to hopping on a call with you and I to discuss it and make sure it's a good fit. Basically, you can't make your partner want to do this with you. But you can give them reasons why it would make you happy.

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Ready to turn your sex life from blah to OMG WHEN CAN WE DO IT AGAIN?